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032 Shazam!

December 05, 2021 Ian and Iain Season 1 Episode 32
Become the Teapot
032 Shazam!
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Ian and Iain ease into the festive spirit with the first of two Christmas episodes this December. Up first, it's Shazam! (or Captain Marvel if you're nasty) everyone's favourite superhero film set at Christmas that isn't called Batman Returns or Iron Man 3. They'll be reading the New 52 revised origins for the character and seeing if the transformation between page and screen was magical or a sin.

Also on the Christmas table is Firefly, Y: The Last Man, Final Fantasy VII (again), Cowboy Bebop, Eternals (not THE Eternals), Pillars of Eternity and C'mon, C'mon.

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Shazam! (2019)
Shazam! (New 52) by Geoff Johns
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